Inlab Recordings is back with his brand new baby :

INLAB Booking Agency

As all the others, the aim of this agency is to promote some artists who are producing on the label but the difference is that the team is also driving the musical career of these artists because we think that finding dates is not the only job of an agency.

We are working on the social side of the music industry with principles as honesty, happiness and sharing things.

Meet people and our artists is the key of our success.

We are working with promising artists as : 10Dens, Nadia Struiwigh, Teho, Tran, Willy Réal, David Prap, Fred Osaka, Inphasia. But we already have some big international artists : Alex Di Stefano, Microtrauma, Norbert Davenport, Sutter Cane, Ryan Davis who don't have to prove their talent.

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